Fire Preparation Checklist

Take Photos of Everything. Literally.

Take a picture of every room of your house and INSIDE every cabinet and drawer. This will help when making claims for insurance. You will forget all of the things you’ve collected over the years and having photos will help take the guess work on what you have (potentially) lost. Insurance companies will question you on EVERYTHING as you try and piece your life back together. 

Keep a List of Your Most Important Valuables Ready.

Make a list of the irreplaceable or valuable things you would want to grab in the event of a fire evacuation. (Having a list ahead of time will prevent panic packing. Don’t make the mistake of seeing the fire approaching miles in the distance and regret not taking more sentimental items but couldn’t think in the moment).

Building Blueprints.

If you have them. This will help in the event of both insurance and rebuild. Try to also have record of each and every upgrade that you have had done to your home so you get the full value our your claim. It’s important to get your home reappraised after each remodel to have an official record. 

Paperwork You Need.

Important paperwork/documents. Make sure it’s in one central location or box for all of these that you can grab and go.

Sentimental Value

As another remind, make sure to bring original or one of a kind items that are either special or very difficult to replace. This can include family heirlooms, jewelry, pictures, albums, artifacts, etc.

Enough Clothing

Make sure you have enough clothes that will help you get by while you get back on your feet to normality.

Electronics and Chargers

Especially if they will help you during an emergency or contain important files that you need for reference/work. 

Affects of Wildfire and Compensation.

Your home does not to have actual fire damage. The effects of wildfire can be enough. If there is ash, soot, or smell of smoke in your home, call Central Law Firm for a Free Consultation to learn how you can be compensated for the remediation of these damages to your home. 


Because Cash is always King. No matter what happens. 

Your own pillow.

 A lot of shelters and other caretakers will likely provide blankets or sleeping bags but there’s nothing like having your own pillow in the wake of disaster.